Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and rightfully so. Having your favorite, custom chosen goods delivered directly to your door on your schedule is LIT. Wine of the Month Clubs are the O.G.’s of subscription boxes! You get a hand-selected top notch bottle (or several) delivered monthly. From connoisseur to beginner, Wine Clubs have you covered with variety and excellence.

I have to be honest here, usually when I want my wine delivered I text My Darling Other Half to bring me a bottle on the way home. I gave him my list of great wines under $20 and we are set for most days. There really is something really special about wine, though.

Benjamin Franklin is decidedly one of the great minds in history. If he says to drink wine and be merry, then so-be-it.

Trying some wonderful wines on the regular can be a bit out of my league and so I have begun to rely on the experts at Vineyards and Wine Clubs to deliver to me the best. Wine Clubs and wine subscriptions are very wallet friendly and subscription to wine clubs make amazing gifts. If you are concerned about picking the right wine for an occaison or a meal then you are not alone. I have stood in the towering ailes of the wine stores googling the best wine to pair with fill-in-the-blank. It was pretty daunting.

Discovering great wine got a lot more simple once the great wines were sent to my door for me to try. I worked for St. Clair Winery in Albuquerque, NM for years. It was my job to taste wine. Killer job, right? It was also my job to teach about the amazing wines from New Mexico. Thus birthed my love for wine and the rest is history as they say.

I have to admit that I was a little wary of trying Wine of the month Clubs because I am a creature of habit. Drinkers usually are, amiright? I mean, we find what works well for us and we stick to it. Whisky drinkers have their favorites, beer drinkers have theirs and wine drinkers are no different. Sometimes trying new things is scary, which exaclty the camp I fell in before I tried the 5 Top Wine Clubs. Variety is the spice of life, right? So they say. These wine clubs really delivery on the spice of life.

Here are my top picks for wine clubs especially if you’re gifting!  Giving the gift of a wine club subscription takes the guess work out of everything and there are a number of options that will fit any budget.

Wine Down Box

Wine Down Box - 1 Month Gift Subscription
Wine and cheese go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly, right? It is far easier to determine which jam pairs well with JIF than which Shiraz compliments the Cheddar better! (I think I am truly hilarious.)  For beginners, Wine Down Box is perfect. You get high quality wines paired with cheeses and meat that compliment your bottle perfectly. High quality is true, but a slight understatement. Wine Down Box prides itself on shipping you the quality products that the founders themselves eat and drink. Local, artisinal, farm-to-table and vine-to-bottle experiences are what Wine Down Box is known for. Plymouth Artisan Cheese and Allepia Salumi Fine Cured Meats are just a couple of the top-notch inclusions in a Wine Down Box subscription. Wine Down Box offers a true experience in the indulgence of wine.




Winc is a personalized wine subscription site that ships you up to 4 bottles of wine selected depending upon your preferences. You select your tastes in a questionnaire – giving your preferences to sour and citrus, dirt and earthy flavor and more. You’re then asked to select your ideal delivery box. You can choose all white wine, all red wines or a mix of both. I answered all my initial questions which allowed WINC to determine that I will try just about anything at least once (it’s true, I’ve eaten some pretty exotic sh*t) and pair me with wine accordingly. Now, I may have persuaded Winc that I have adventurous taste buds, but I just wasn’t feeling the White Wine when I signed up, so I chose all Reds to begin with. You can change your delivery preferences later on, which makes customizing your box easy.

Before you check out on WINC the first time, you are able to see which wines will be arriving at your door. If you disagree with any of the selections simply peruse the pages of WINC and find something that tickles your fancy to add to your cart. Each month Winc will send you a variety based on your initial tastes preferences and thus far I have not been disappointed. Perhaps I will give some whites a try as summer begins to creep into my region. I do like a Pino Grigio on the patio on occasion. Get a deal on your first order!

California Wine Club

California Wine Club is the O.G. of wine clubs. It was founded in 1990 by Bruce and Pam Boring and started shipping the best variety of California Wine to its members. California Wine Club prides itself on bringing small, artisan wineries big exposure by inclusion in the California Wine Club. This is one of my all time favorite wine clubs because it is super affordable. You can get great wines delivered quarterly for under $200 bucks. That is an incredible bargain considering I have blown that much in one trip to the liquor store during a football game.

There are no membership fees with California Wine Club – you pay as you go and you can cancel anytime. But really why would you? You have the option to select from international and local wines AND if you don’t like the bottle of wine you get that month there is a love it guarantee. California Wine Club will send you a new bottle to suit your preferences, no questions asked. You don’t even have to send the bottle back.

Wine Club Premier Series Case Membership – 6 Reds & 6 Whites – Monthly Delivery – $159.00

from: The California Wine Club



Revel Wine Club

Revel Wine - Shop, Gifts and Club Memberships
This is a truly unique wine club! Revel offers you the ability to customize your preferences from the type, frequency, number of bottles and delivery time. Subscribing to Revel Wine Club means that you can get up to 12 bottles of wine delivered to you monthly.

The selection offered by Revel Wine Club is pretty amazing. They have an extensive selection of organic and sulfite-free wines which is really appealing. Customization is key with Revel Wine Club, so if you’re seeking to give the gift of wine to someone with very particular tastes Revel Wine Club is a great option.


Cellars Wine Clubs

Cellars Wine Club is another of the Original Wine Clubs serving connoisseurs and amateurs for decades. Founded in 1999 with the vision of sharing the lush wine culture of the Pacific Northwest, Cellars Wine Club has become famous for offering some the highest rated, hard-to-find international wines in their club.

Cellars Wine Club never charges shipping and there is no obligation. They also offer bottles starting at $12 making them the perfect option for a gift.

With your online account, you can easily make changes to your shipping and price preferences so you’re not locked into anything for the duration.

Cellars Wine Club also gives back! Each purchase made, Cellars donates 15% to a local charity! Bless the philanthropic wine club!


With all the amazing wine varietals in the world, you would be seriously missing out if you didn’t try at least a few. With a wine club subscription, you can customize your monthly boxes to your preferences, price points and begin your journey to tasting wine from all over the world.
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