Welcome to Toast Creative!

I am Sarah, the mastermind behind this wonderful digital business. I am a creator, a coach, a blogger, a podcaster, a marketer, an assistant and more.  I successfully operate 3 websites that I have built from scratch. With each endeavor, I have cultivated a strong community of readers and clients to whom I cater.

I began Toast Creative with the intention of sharing my skills in the digital realm online. Toast Creative has morphed into a live consulting service for many local brands and businesses and a port for those seeking a social savvy Virtual Assistant.

Using my savvy and contacts I offer tips and advice for digital marketing, blogging, social media, advertising, Public relations, brand creation and building an authentic following.

With a degree in Political Science and English, I have built a successful freelancing career. I began this digital creative lifestyle 2 years ago and since have worked hard to watch my ideas flourish.

I have hands-on experience building brands from the ground up.

Please email with inquiries.